Nicknamed Amp

Adele Pomerenke is a well rounded Artist and multi talented performer. A professional ballerina with powerhouse vocals, turned actress she is a force to be reckoned with. 

Born in the now hip trendy craft food and booze town of Yakima, Wa. Adele followed in the footsteps of her Grandmother, a retired New York Dancer who guided her career from the very beginning. At the young age of 3 Adele started her elite performing arts training in dance, musical theatre, choir, pageants, instruments and everything in between. Studying primarily classical ballet at Yakima School of Ballet and eventually moving to Seattle, Wa to further her education which included circus arts such as aerial fabric and trapeze at Sanca School for new circus art. 

In 2012 Adele Was offered her first contract with a ballet company Dance Theatre of Tennessee and relocated to Nashville,Tn. While in the south she danced and trained with companies such as Nashville Ballet and Roots Dance Project.

While in Nashville she appeared in multiple music videos as the lead and of course dancer such as; Bastian Bakers ‘Love on Fire’, Tim McNary ‘Be With Me’, and Frankie Ballard ‘Cigarette’ which went on to win a spot in RollingStone Magazine's top country music videos of 2016. An article was written on the controversial appearance of the lead character(Adele Pomerenke) as a stripper, in a country genre music video. 

Of course while living in music city Adele began singing as the frontman of a heavy rock band which led to writing, then recording in studios around Nashville where she eventually sold a co-written country song title ‘Loving You Keep Me Alive’. It was her side career in music that led to the nickname Amp, the initials for her full name Adele Marie Pomerenke. Amp was a suggestion as the name Adele had already been solidified by another vocalist, obviously.

Today Adele Pomerenke still prefers to simply be called by Amp. She feels it fits her personality well.

It was in Nashville that Adele landed her first speaking role in award winning short film ‘Hair of The Dog’ directed by Michael Butts, where she played a twisted love interest of the main character. This role ignited her interest for a new art form, film and Pomerenke decided to step onto a few more sets to see what all the fuss was about.Working on sets as a featured role in ‘Nashville’, ‘Still The King’, and as a recurring role in the feature film ‘Novitiate’ Directed by Maggie Betts, that went on to win awards at the Sundance Film Festival.

Here on set of ‘Novitiate’ Adele Pomerenke really fell in love with acting. 

In 2017, she participated in the Middle Tennessee 54 hour Film Festival and won her first acting award for Best Leading Actress, which came as a total surprise. 

Pomerenke was cast in her first full length  feature titled ‘The Penitent Thief’ where she worked directly alongside Kevin Sorbo and James Russo. It filmed in Los Angeles, of course being in Nashville she had to fly in for the role, which was a sign for her necessary career shift and shortly after moved to Los Angeles. 

Since she has appeared in multiple short films, independent features, TV series, such as Crypt TV’s ‘Fight Night’ and recently premiered as My chemical Romance's new Helena in short film 'A Summoning...'. As well she has currently begun writing and directing her own projects called DanceMix or her most recent video titled #socialdistancing. Occasionally you can catch her still dancing on stage, guesting with companies such as Anaheim Ballet.

Adele Pomerenke is more than an entertainer. She comes with a past full of complexity and pain turned to fuel for her craft. Street smarts and experiences that make her outward demeanor often labeled as “Bad Ass” or “Intimidating” and a past that comes up every so often in an interview that keeps people inspired and motivated. Adele states “I genuinely care and love people, I want everyone to have the best life they possibly can, I hope I can share that in my craft”